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Tank Type Water Heaters

Tank type water heaters in your attic:  Many homes in the Charleston area have had their water heaters placed in the attic.  Unfortunately the placement of these heaters has put anything in the home underneath that attic space at risk of serious water damage.  Many homeowners who understand this have looked into relocating the water tank to somewhere else in the home only to discover it really isn’t an affordable option.  To minimize the chance of having this water damage it is important that a homeowner understands that a water tank usually has a lifetime of 6 to 10 years on average.  Usually if a tank is in a basement or garage one wouldn’t worry about it.  They would just wait for the tank to spring a leak and replace it.  If your tank is up above though it is probably a better idea to be preemptive.  If you have a water tank located in the attic consider having it changed at the 8 year mark.  If you really want to be safe do it at six years.  Always make sure the heater is set in a good pan that is properly drained to the outside in case the tank does spring a leak.  Also there are battery powered alarms that can be placed inside the pan that will sound when they sense water that might leak from your heater.  Another option is to install an automatic shut off device that activates as the pan starts to sense leaking water from a punctured tank.  Lastly it is a good idea to drain and flush out a water heater once a year.  This will help clear sediment within the tank therefore prolonging its life.

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