Sewer & Drain Video Inspection

Sewer & Drain Video Inspection2018-12-31T05:49:11+00:00

Clearing a Sewer or Drain blockage has the potential to be very challenging depending on what is happening internally with the piping. Causes could range from a basic clog brought on by overuse, improper piping, root intrusion or a broken or collapsed pipe.

The first sign naturally of a drain or sewer line problem is usually a clog. What if this clog occurs often? This can become a huge nuisance as your plumbing system becomes disabled and a health hazard develops. How do you know what is going on in that piping so that you can figure out some kind of permanent solution? Luckily today we have the technology to do just that. At T-Flow Inc. we have acquired some of the finest camera video equipment on the market. With it we can actually video and record the internal condition of your piping up to a distance of two hundred feet. We can also locate the dysfunctional area of the sewer or drain so that we know where to access it and make the repair. We highly recommend a video inspection of any system that has developed any kind of reoccurring drainage issue.

New homebuyers should also consider a video inspection before deciding to buy. If your building drain or sewer needs a repair or replacement it can be costly and you don’t want that surprise after purchasing your new home.

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