Sewer & Drain Repair and Replacement

Sewer & Drain Repair and Replacement2019-01-10T08:40:33+00:00

We tend to take the drainage systems in our home or building for granted because they are there and have always been there. We just expect them to serve their purpose. Unfortunately this is not always the case because they can gradually block up or become worn or brittle. Once things get to this point there is no choice but to replace the piping.

At T-Flow Inc. we know how to take care of your drain replacement project from start to finish. Whether your piping is the old, black cast iron, PVC, or copper we can handle it. Please see below for the types of sewer and drain services we provide.

  • Branch drains repaired and replaced
  • Main drain replacement (above and below ground inside the home)
  • Main drain house trap removal

If it is time to replace the drains in your home call 843-972-3339 to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our drain technicians.