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Water Heater Woes

Take a look at your water heater ever so often.  this is an the electrical junction box on a heater we replaced that was full of water from a leak from the tank.  The homeowner had no idea.  We discovered it after investigating a leak two floors below it.
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Tank Type Water Heaters

Tank type water heaters in your attic:  Many homes in the Charleston area have had their water heaters placed in the attic.  Unfortunately the placement of these heaters has put anything in the home underneath that attic space at risk of serious water damage.  Many homeowners who...
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Tankless Water Heater Yearly Servicing

Tankless water heater yearly servicing:  Tankless water heaters have become very popular in today’s water heater market.  Unfortunately many owners of these energy conserving units do not know that they require a yearly servicing.  I is necessary to have these checked and...
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